Website Updates

I am starting to get organized here and wanted to let subscribers know what is going on. This is something I meant to do when I first launched the page but am finally getting around to it.

Posts are categorized into three different types and I finally have a page for each.

  1. Podcast: These are my weekly podcasts, now renamed “Let’s Unmask Mental Illness.” In the post, you will find the audio link, the video link, and the transcript for the podcast.
  2. Columns: I guess that they would be called blogs, if I called them blogs. I still can’t. I was writing “columns” since before there was such a thing as a “blog.” My columns are shorter pieces, usually straight from the hip so to speak, that occur randomly as the thought or idea presents itself. They may or may not lead into podcasts.
  3. Articles: I have a background in journalism and have been meaning to put it to work again. These are research based articles in journalistic fashion with attribution. They will cover news and events as the opportunity presents itself.

The plan is to make Friends of Gina a clearing house of podcasts, columns and articles people can use in their daily lives. They will all be based upon the theme of the podcast.

They are all about my journey, just different facets. I hope that they become resources for your journey.

Like myself, it is still a work in progress. You are more than welcome to share and repost anything. If you do, a link to this page would be appreciated. I am not going to do the whole “copyright” thing as I just want the information out there, which is far more important to me than getting credit.

Soon, I hope to do the same thing with my YouTube Channel. There, you will find videos. I am still trying to think that one through.

We are all in this together. There is hope.


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