It is still hard for me to call it a “blog.” I began writing “columns” in 2001 on a website I built and then would publish each one and send them out to an email list. It was “The Coffee Chronicles” back then. But here we are, with a blog. This is where I’ll be posting new podcast transcripts, columns, and articles about mental health. You are invited to follow along.

Lessons Learned from a Bar Fight

From posts I am seeing, I imagine that many people were disappointed by other people in 2022. I am reading a knee jerk reaction, about how if we don’t have expectations, we will never be disappointed. Umm, no. It is all about a bar fight in SW Philly.

Perspective: Use It or Lose it

2022 was one of the toughest years of my life. It got downright ugly. I’ll make the jokes and share the memes on Facebook because they are funny, but I’ll also look back on 2022 fondly.

Website Updates

I am starting to get organized here and wanted to let subscribers know what is going on. This is something I meant to do when I first launched the page but am finally getting around to it. Posts are categorized into three different types and I finally have a page for each. The plan is…

Chance Encounters

The Coffee Chronicles: Chance Encounters Or this might be a part of Let’s Get Naked About Mental Health! Anyway… I firmly decided not to have a Christmas. It was not a choice to be miserable, but just make it another day. There’s a podcast about it. In the podcast, I talk about my aversion to…

The Book: Let’s Unmask Depression

I was going to wait until after Christmas but then I realized that you may be struggling like I am. Aye, the depression is kicking the hell out of me. It will get worse tonight I am sure. But it may not. The book is the transcripts of episodes 1-22 of my podcast. Throughout the…

Episode 22: Paused

Hello everybody! I tried getting episode 22 done and out but the flu got a hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I tried getting it done anyway and the writing was awful. The audio sounded like I couldn’t breathe because, well, I couldn’t. After a few attempts, I decided to wait until next week.…

Intro to Episode 14

This is an introduction to Episode 14 of my podcast. I’ll be live on YouTube on Monday, October 10th, at 7 PM PST, 10 PM EST. Links below. The episode will be recorded and posted as normal on Tuesday morning. There will be a live Q&A following the episode. A Broken Ankle vs A Depressive…

Let Them Eat Cake?

Recently, I was triggered by a post I saw by a mental health professional. They posted the following and a picture of an advertisement they saw on Facebook for teletherapy:

Not Spam!!! Updating!

Hello, if you are subscribed, you are about to get a lot of posts. Hopefully, by the end of the day, all of them. It is not spam. It is just me updating the site and transferring over all of the posts from my personal site. All of the transcripts from my personal page. Please…


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