The Book: Let’s Unmask Depression

I was going to wait until after Christmas but then I realized that you may be struggling like I am. Aye, the depression is kicking the hell out of me. It will get worse tonight I am sure. But it may not.

The book is the transcripts of episodes 1-22 of my podcast. Throughout the podcast, journeying into myself in what is probably the roughest time of my life, I have found things that help. I know I will wake up tomorrow morning smiling as my make my way to my coffee maker.

The book is for sale, but the all subscribers can have a free eBook. Anybody can.

Yes, I would like it to sell and get the $2 per copy, but that is not really the point. The point is getting the word out there. The point is to keep talking, get others to start talking, and get loved ones and professions insights into understanding. That is worth a couple bucks to me.

Of course, I am struggling. Can you download the attached? Someone was able to and someone was not when I emailed it to them. If you can’t, email me at and we’ll figure it out.

I hope you are not struggling, that joy and happiness overflow your household.

Aye, I was just attacked by a pair of puppies. The day is good.


Nope, still struggling. 🙂 I was able to convert to a PDF and upload that but not the epub. Umm, any help? But email using the above email at and I will email you a copy of the epub file. Like I said, someone was able to open it in their Kindle app and someone else was not.

To purchase, check the page on the website:

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