Episode 22: Paused

Hello everybody! I tried getting episode 22 done and out but the flu got a hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I tried getting it done anyway and the writing was awful. The audio sounded like I couldn’t breathe because, well, I couldn’t. After a few attempts, I decided to wait until next week.

The subject matter needs far better attention than what I could give to it. Interesting stuff. A friend introduced me to the Real Depression Project. The slides on their Instagram posts are terrific. They make me feel included as well as helping to explain things to myself and others.

If you are struggling or know someone who is, I highly recommend checking it out.

That is what Episode 22 will be about: I’ll be diving deep and showing how it brings me clarity and affirmation. My attempt at trying to throw something together with their slides failed miserably. I just couldn’t dive deep enough to do it the justice it deserves.

I’m bummed though. My 22 week stretch of episodes came to an end. Just on pause. I’m feeling a little bit better and have the coffee brewing. It will be a slow swim as I get back up to speed, so I am not going to to try to rush out an episode but it is on its way.

I’ll be back next Tuesday with “Are We Okay?”

Until then,


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