• Episode 31: The Illusion of Absence
    Why do people stay in bad relationships? I dive into myself, and into some songs, to look for possible answers. Bad relationships is a spectrum, not a black or white thing. They can abusive marriages, empty marriages, unhealthy workplaces, or even something as mundane as my continued following of the University of Miami football program. […]
  • Episode 30: A Momentary Lapse of Balance
    Like LL Cool J sang: Don’t call it a comeback! It was difficult making my way back to the podcast, creating an original one, but I am there now. I’m still not at my best, still not really mentally settled, but this was necessary. So, you are welcome to follow me as I skip along […]
  • Episode 29: Let’s Have a Chat
    Episode 29: Let’s Have a Chat The return to Philadelphia was as expected: hectic, crazy but exciting. I’m sticking with Plan A and reposting Episode 17: The Tangled Path to Communication, with a special introduction. It’s appropriate. And, I found, necessary. I’ll be answering the same questions many, many times. I don’t mind, but it […]
  • Episode 28: Rectifying a Disservice Done to Those with Bipolar Disorder
    This is a repeat of Episode 5 with a special introduction. I’m a mess right now, traveling cross country. I had started a new episode but it did not get done. While driving, though, and thoughts tugging at me, I realized I wanted to repost Episode 5, The Mental Health Triangle with the special introduction. As I evolve, the podcast evolves. Episodes 5 and 17 come up the most in my thoughts and new scripts, so with everything going on, I thought I would get them reposted as I travel and then get set up somewhere.
  • The Problem with Absolutes
    Welcome to the podcast. Thanks for joining me. I’m your host, Christopher Gajewski. Let’s unmask mental illness! Yep, still in Tijuana as I write this. Welcome to a special Saturday edition of the podcast as I will be on the road during my normal uploading day and time. My last podcast had me thinking about […]