Gentler Insanities Anonymous

Gentler Insanities Anonymous. It is an idea that I had decades ago. It’s simple: if I have a $1,000 a day cocaine habit or am a fall down drunk, there are a dozen meetings I can go to each night. But what if I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD or any of the other mental health issues that can be having a serious impact on my life?

GInA is a place to come for support, information, and really just someone to say, “I’ve been there, I might be there now, and I understand in a way your closest family and friends may not.”

There are places to get help. It is not as easy. It is hard to explain. It can even be difficult to understand ourselves. I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out what were “bad decisions” and what were decisions that my depression influenced me to make. –I do own all of them.

The memes and quotes are nice enough but I wanted to do something more, do something that goes beyond the superficial and dive deep into my world. You are welcome to join me.

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In the picture, I am smiling. Inside, it was more like the background. This is an authentic, uninhibited journey inside, into my secret world–that I guess is not so secret now. I just want people to know that they are not alone and that there are people who do understand.

I was able to hide everything so well that nobody ever saw the life of quiet desperation I was living. Trauma, Major Depression, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, isolation, fear, stigma, suicide and the inability to communicate it with those I loved.

You are not alone.

I am not alone.

The Podcast: Let’s Get Naked About Mental Health!

In the podcast, distributed weekly, I speak openly and authentically about my mental health journey. I cover a wide range of mental health topics: suicide, suicide idealization, depression, anxiety, PTSD, boundaries (or lack thereof), and ways I am trying to improve my mental health.

Aye, it’s working: I am here now instead of committing suicide as planned.

You are welcome to join me, whether you are struggling or your loved one is struggling.

I understand. I have been on both sides of this. It is difficult to understand, even by ourselves. What is happening to me?!? Why can’t my loved one just get over it?

I remember one time in particular, and I discuss it, when I could not put on a sock. I was in tears because I could not put on a damn sock. I am an accomplished man, with an impressive resume, and I could not put on a sock.

In the podcast, I walk naked (metaphorically) through mental health, revealing all of the things that had been left unsaid and unexplained for five decades.

You are welcome to join me on my journey.

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